Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ubunty parti, heard of it? If not - take a look

Do not fool yourself... your bank is not your friend. They will take everything from you, as they have done to billions of hardworking, honest but ignorant people. Banks make money out of THIN air and "loan" it to us at inhumane rates. All supported by our central bank the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK - which is a private company controlled from Basel, Switzerland. This PRIVATE money has been

Friday, December 13, 2013

The christmas calendar, The family Hedenhös

This year the calendar show us how the family Hedenhös comes to Sweden from the stone age. The family Hedenhös was born in a line of books from Urax förlag.

You can see the swedish christmas calender here

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Our thoughts

We have three kinds of thoughts. They are about

- solving problems
- processing
- rooding

Thoughts to solve problem, they are good, they are solving problems. Make a plan to solve and implement it.

Processing - Why? What did I do wrong ? What did she mean ? Etc - is also good because it means we put words to what had happened to us. We need to process to blend strong feelings and make them fade.

Brooding, when we get stuck in the processing thoughts. Despite all thoughts, nothing will happen, we might have brooded the same thoughts for years without changing the character of the thought .

The negative feeling will not disappear but becomes stronger and we continue to unconsciously the brooding. This means that we do not have to feel what we really feel inside. We may ask ourselves if we get stuck in the brooding.

Does it help me think of this idea? Does it solve the problem ? Does it make me reach my goals? These thoughts are harmful.

If we believe we are in the brooding we can try to sort through and use the process of elimination . What kind of feeling do I have ?

Thoughts are just thoughts! We can choose to stop thinking of things.

When the tough comes we can become aware of it, we can stop and begin to think or do something else. Maybe sing a song, think of a something fun, look at something beautiful...

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A personality test

Finish these sentences below by writing down the first thing that comes to your mind.

Men are...
A man will always...
My relationships with men earlier in life has been...
In a relationship, a man will...
You can always rely on a man that he...

Women are...
A woman will always...
My relationships with women earlier in life has been...
In a relationship, a woman will...
You can always rely on a woman that she...

When you complete these sentences you sometimes can get an insight into your unconscious beliefs about men and women.

Where the answers positive? Negative? Is it different for men or women?

The questions are completely neutral so your answers will show if you are carrying negative backpacks or of you have more positive emotions.

From the book Improve Your Relationship by Patricia Love

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Stuck in swamp of criticism and fear, to feel alone in your relationship? What can we do?

What is your most important characteristic?What is your most important characteristic for your partner?
What is generally most important in your life?

Take the time to answer these questions, it may be a waking up call and a possible start to walk new way in your boring relationship.

The answers to these questions are your core values ​​that you need to bring with you.

Take five minutes, take a deep breath : Focus on

Improve - Do you feel guilty for something ? Try to find what you can do to make your situation a bit better

Estimating - Do you have a guilty conscience or are you upset about something? Is there something about your partner that you can appreciate in this area? Find it and share it .

Searching proximity - You feel guilty for something? How can you do to seek closeness to that person, that has to do with. You just need to think about and get a more positive feeling about the person, when you meet again, you are more positive only by those thoughts .

Protect - Help your man to relieve his sense of failure or to wrap your woman's fear. What makes you feel guilty ? What can you do to ease your partner's agony ?

Write down the four words on a note and bring it with you always, it's easy to get a reminder and to remember.

Source : Improve Your Relationship Without Words by Patricia Love

Do you leave your woman alone despite that you are married to her?

The worst thing a man can do to a woman - leave her alone but married.

Woman gets scared when she stand outside, is afraid of your anger and your strength. Without your community it creates a void in her heart. Sooner or later, she will leave you one way or another.

Alone at home - it is better to work together

Alone with their dreams - common dreams and decision strengthens the love

Alone at the edge of his life - do not give the job all your life energy, do things together

Alone in the bed -

"He confuses sex and intimacy"

"It's all about him"

"Sex is the only time that he shows interest '

Show her attention outside sex, become expert at making her sexually aroused.

Alone in his depression.

Normally, it is not bad relationships that create depressions, it is the opposite, depressions create bad relations. If depression is left untreated, the woman will leave you one day.

The worst thing a woman can do to her man is to make him feel ashamed

If we criticize our husband it will be impossible for him to feel connected. Where there's a secret, silent man there is usually a woman criticizing him.

Women's favorites to make a man feel ashamed

Being condescending

Ignore him

Blame him

Provide meaningful glances

Being sarcastic

Suggest a "better way"

Words hurt. Words destroys. Words can destroy a relationship.


Source: Improve Your Relationship without words by Patricia Love